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- 4mm Wide Hand Forged Thick & Chunky Solid Yellow Gold Ring Band with Scattered Round Rainbow Sapphires. 
- Rough Raw Organic Natural, Hand Hammered. 
- Choose 14K or 18K Yellow Gold on menu, comes stamped inside ring shank. 
- About 4mm wide and 2mm thick. 
- Rainbow sapphires are evenly spaced in rainbow color order 10 in total with a diameter o  2.5mm. 
- Each Ring weighs 0.20-0.30 ounce depending on size. 



- Please allow 2-3 weeks for fabrication. 
- Gold is melted in a charcoal block, then run though a mill into a large oval shape.
- the gold chunk is then run though a square wire mill to form it into square wire, then run thru mill again to flatten a bit. 
- A torch is then applied to the handmade wire to melt its corners and create a more naturally formed edge. 
- Hand Hammered Finish, choose High Polish or Satin Matte.  
- Handmade in my nyc studio.
- Genuine sapphires imported from Thailand treated to enhance color & flush set in jewelry district. 


PLEASE KNOW YOUR RING SIZE AS THIS RING CAN NOT BE RESIZED EASILY AND IS NOT RETURNABLE. However, i can send out the ring before diamonds for size confirmation.



Rainbow Sapphire Chunky Hammered Solid Gold Ring

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